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    Export to PNG sequence only produces one image


      Flash Pro CS5.5, XP. Full disclosure - this is my first animation, so it's likely I didn't do something correctly. I have a logo that I'm attempting to animate one graphic in the logo. Ultimately I want it as an animated GIF, but I'm reading that I have to jump through some hoops to achieve that correctly. The logo has a stem/leaf that grows. I exported as a SWF and it works perfectly fine. However, exporting as a PNG sequence only produces one image. The stem/leaf was selected and converted to a movie symbol while the rest of the pieces of the logo were not selected and remained static. The movie symbol is what contains the 100+ frames. When clicking off the symbol (I'm unfamiliar with the proper terminology) it only shows one frame. What did I do incorrectly to only be getting one exported PNG?