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    AE 6 errors in Maverick: can't create folders in Library.  How do I fix?


      Originally I installed CS6 Master Collection on Snow Leopard and all was great.  I just purchased a new iMac with Maverick.  I reinstalled my Master Collection CS6, and am now getting 2 major errors when I open After Effects.  I have updated AE to


      First error reads:


      After Effects warning: The directory '/Users/Will/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/11.0/Adobe After Effects Disk Cache - William Brook’s iMac (3).noindex' could not be created. Please check the parent directory protection or permission rights.



      The second error reads:


      After Effects error: Unable to write to Disk Cache folder, so disk caching will be disabled. Please check your settings in Media and Disk Cache Preferences.



      I updated all the programs in the suite.  All seem to be working fine with the others, only After Effects seems to have a (major) problem.  

      I seem to be able to run AE, but it can't save the project I'm working on. 


      This is the main program I need to use.  Any advice on how I can fix this glitch to Maverick?