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    flash player for android


      I have a Samsung tablet and went to get on google today and it says I have an outdated version of flash player and needed to update so I wasn't able to access google and my facebook account having issues.  I went through the steps to install an archived version for android multiple times and it always looked like it was installing correctly and everything but I still am having facebook issues and can't access google.  What am I doingwrong?

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          Mike M Level 6

          Facebook WILL NOT recognize the old version you installed. Facebook requires a MINIMUM version of 11.7 and even that will cause problems with things like the multiple image uploader.

          There is no more Flash Player for Android and there won't be another. Android is no longer compatible with Flash Player since June of 2012.



          2008 (March) - Apple® releases the first iPhone, using iOS®. Steve Jobs is insistent and adamant that iOS® is NOT compatible with Flash® and NEVER WILL BE. Jobs' reasoning is that playing Flash® content is processor consumptive and it drains batteries, thus shortening the life of them in mobile devices. In six years, that hasn't changed. Not for the iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® Touch™. It never will change and there never will be a Flash Player® for iOS®.

          2008 (September) - Google® introduces Android™ to compete with iOS®, for people who don't want to pay what Apple® is asking for an iPhone®. Android®, unlike its Apple® counterpart IS compatible with Flash®.

          2012 (June) - Android™ (Google®) announces the end of support for Flash® with Android™ 4.3. Going forward NO Android™ devices will be compatible with Flash®, but older versions on older devices can still be loaded with "legacy" builds still available from Adobe®. Android™ (Google®) cites the same reason Apple® did for the decision to end support for Flash®. Adobe® continues to release security patches to Flash Player® for Android™ until September 2013, announcing the "end of life" for Android™ Flash® September 10.


          Android (Google) recommends you use either Dolphin or Puffin as your browser if you must view Flash content, but they try to discourage it for the above outlined reasons.