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    Be careful updating Flash Player !




      Just a warning - watch carefully what you do when updating Flash Player.


      My 9 month old hit the space button on what I can only assume was a dialogue box asking whether I wanted to install some unwanted McAfee Security scan plus garbage,


      It of course is selected as the default - thats what everyonewould want isnt it ?  - random garbage software on their computer.


      I have since successfully uninstalled it I hope.


      So my love for adobe grows as you can tell from this rant.


      First they insist that I register Lightroom only to then get hacked, expose my personal infromation to god knows who and have my email address consequently inundated with all sorts of unsavoury SPAM.


      Now they sneak garbage like this in when Im not looking for what should be a simple update.


      Adobe are approaching the hights of EA these days. I will never buy adobe again !

      Thanks for listening.