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    Effects constantly losing intensity?


      Hi there, thanks so much in advance for your help.


      I am using Premiere Pro CC with dynamic links to After Effects CC on a MacBook Pro. I am working on color and effects in a music video, and I can clearly see most changes updating in premiere correctly after I've saved and toggled back. The problem is that for certain effects, like Camera Lens Blur, the intensity of the effect is drastically varied from what I've created in After Effects when viewed in Premiere. I see a beautiful balance of blur and focus in After Effects, and once I save and toggle back to Premiere, that effect is barely visible. If I overcompensate in After Effects, raising the blur intensity to a ridiculous level, save, and toggle back to Premiere, I can make it look the way I originally intended, but that solution is absurd for moving forward.


      I've tried rendering, I've tried opening and closing the program. It's very frustrating.


      What's weird is that I used to have this problem in Photoshop when I saved pictures. I would find that a photo looked perfect in photoshop, but when I saved it to the desktop, the blur would be greatly reduced, as well as any outer glow I had used on letters. Is this a known issue, or am I missing something?


      Again, thank you.

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          Without proper system info, exact settings in both programs, details about the footage, screenshots and so on nobody can really say much. You could be previewing at half or quarter res in AE and thus mis-tweak settings, there could be hardware acceleration issues and an assortment of whatever other issues one might think of. Only more information can help to figure things out.