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    Scripting for yearbook pages. As a complete newbie, how should I go about this?


      Hi guys,

      Let me start by saying I have no prior experience at all with Photoshop scripting (I didn't even know what it was used for, until today), but I really want to use it for a specific task I am doing, so your help would be much appreciated!


      I am currently in charge making class pages for my school yearbook. There will be one page for every class. I have been given two class photos for each class, the names of the students in the photos, as well as a quote from the teacher of each class. I have made a template, and added all of these elements into different areas of the page. However, as my school is very big and has many, many classes, going and pasting all of these different things for each page would be extremely tedious. I was told that scripting might make the process easier, though.


      So, right now I am trying to make a script that would allow me to paste the correct images into the document, get the correct lines of text for each page, and resize them/place them in the correct places. This would then be repeated for each of the pages (about 70 total).


      I have no idea how to go about this, though. I have searched around for tutorials, but I couldn't find anything relevant to what I am trying to do, so I am asking for help here. Could anyone point me in the right direction for this, please? Thanks in advance!