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    how to adress a symbol created with sym.createChildSymbol

    smenegassi Level 1



      I want to create a symbol (as a MovieClip) when I click a button and I want to load into that symbol a Edge Composition.

      This is my code:


      var pageContent = sym.createChildSymbol("content", "Stage");

      EC.loadComposition("cvcontact.html", sym.getSymbol("pageContent"));


      That is the way I FOUND in Edge to try work as I would with Flash, loading differents swfs.


      It is not working.

      The console gives me that error :


        1. [ ERROR | EdgeCommons | Core ] Error in loadComposition(). Arguments 'src' and 'sym' are not optional. EdgeCommons.js:3
          1. b.error



      Please, do you have any direction to give me where to look at ?

      thanks a lot