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    Parsing Error

    blainesweeney Level 1

      Hi. I'm getting the parsing error message when converting my images from CR2 to DNG. I downloaded DNG converter yesterday evening so it is the most recent DNG converter. When I took the photos, the firmware on my canon 7D was 2.0.3. By reading other posts I was lead to believe this was my problem, so I updated my 7D to the most recent firmware - 2.0.5 - just a few minutes ago. I took a photo, tried to convert it, and still got the parsing error. This is driving me insane as I have the most recent DNG converter and Canon 7D firmware but it's still giving me a parsing error. I am running Windows 7.


      While writing this post I tried taking a picture with my second cf card - no luck there either. I am working from a folder on my desktop, not my cf card. I've shots video for 3 years but I've never tried photography so this problem is new to me. I have spent ages trawling through these forums but nothing I've read has helped me solve the problem. PLEASE HELP ME!