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    LoadMovie problem (with resizing)

      Hello. I'm a student at Flash and I have been recently exposed to
      the world of action script. My teacher at school apparently doesn't
      know much about action script and I need help quick because I need
      to hand in my portfolio by this coming thursday morning.

      The problem of mine is that I made this static text button and I'm trying
      to make that to load movie, the SWF file, into a movie clip on a level 1.
      This, I was able to do, but the thing is that when loaded, the loaded movie's
      dimension is too big. Thus, when loaded, the loaded movie goes off the stage...

      the action script I used was this:
      on (release) {
      this.screen.createEmptyMovieClip("canvas01", 1);
      this.screen.loadMovie("ball.swf", canvas01);

      The movie loaded to the movieclip named "screen" alright
      but then the ball.swf retains its dimension as it was saved
      and parts of it does not get to be displayed. Is there anyway
      that you can resize the dimension of the loaded movie???