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    Export/import field data

    MatLac Level 3

      I would like to be able to Export data in certain fields from pdf 1 to pre-fill according fields in pdf 2.  All users will be using Reader with rights enable.


      As I'm reading throught JS API, I think what I'm looking for is the "exportAsFDF()" method of the doc object.  I created a button for exporting values and opening Pdf2 in a single click.  I used the importAnFDF() method in a doc-level script of pdf2  that triggers on doc open.  I successfully managed to copy a value.  Now before I get to excited, I just want to know:


      -Is this the right way to do this?

      -Is there a way for pdf 2 to "know" it has been opened from pdf 1?  For example, could I pass a bollean from both files? If pdf 2 is opened as a single file, I don't want it to be looking for an old remaining FDF on the server.

      -What happens if  [aFields] contains a field not present in pdf 2?

      -Must fields be the same name on both pdfs for data to tranfers or is there a way to change the destination field?

      -Are all properties of a field transfered or just its value?

      -Are values transfered as strings or as original type?

      -What exactly is "flag" refering to?

      -Any neat tricks regarding this particular method that you know of?