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    Encore CS4 wont import / open my Prem Pro CS4 Sequence


      Hi everyone,


      I hope you will be able to help me.  I am relatively new to the Adobe suite packages and have been doing some work in Prem Pro CS4.  I have edited together some footage and now need to burn this to a DVD and am trying to use the Adobe Dynamic Link > Send to Encore route.


      Encore opens fine, asks me to name my project etc. and chose where to save it, but when I hit the ok button instead of importing the footage as I have seen in tutorials, Encore opens a new box asking me to select "New Project", "Open Project" or "What's New".  I have selected Open Project and hit ok, but get an error message saying "Cannot Open project; the folder for this project cannot be found".  I'm at a total loss and do not know what to do as I can see the Encore file in the project folder I chose to save it in.


      Any ideas, suggestions, or alternative ways of burning the footage to a DVD would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks