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    Why is DxO Viewpoint not working in CS6?


      I recently downloaded DxO Viewpoint, a perspective correction program. When I try to work on original jpeg or TIFF files, either in the standalone or plugin version, I get just a black rectangle - no image - the size of the image on the screen. However, the program adjustments are present and working, and the program tells me that the corrections have been made, and the changes can be seen once the image is file is re-opened. But, I'm working blind so to speak.


      My system: Windows 7, 64 bit, AMD A8-3800 APU (4 core), Radeon HD6550D GPU, 8 gb RAM, running CS6 (also CS5 and Elements 7). I have updated drivers for both the CPU and GPU to no avail.


      For information, I have the NIK suite of plugins and they work fine. A trial version of Topaz plugins worked fine also.


      At this point I don't know if it's a computer problem, a software problem, a Photoshop problem, or something else altogether. I've gotten ho help from DxO after ten days of trying. I'm hoping someone has seen this before and knows of a fix.




      Jack M