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    AS3: component parameters and custom ui.

    Level 7
      Since in AS3 one can't add script on movieclips, and it seems when
      converting an MC into a component and adding a parameter then the
      parameter/variable isn't being reckognized as existing by the MC/component
      ... does anybody know a good start point on how to create components in CS3?

      Following up, in AS2 one can create a custom UI .swf for a component and
      make a parameter customizable in f.e. a texfield by adding
      _root.xch.parameter to the Var field in Properties panel ...
      Now running into;
      1) new phenomena : "WARNING: Text field variable names are not supported in
      ActionScript 3.0."
      2) _root.xch. I think probably is not valid anymore (not 100% sure though)
      Anybody know any good documentation about creating custom UI's for
      components in CS3?