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    EXPRESS: Why no raw support in Photoshop express from Revel?

    TechBri Level 1

      We just got back from a trip to Disneyland and I shot over 800 photos in raw format on my Canon camera. I uploaded the images using my iPad to Revel each night and tonight I am home and I opened Photoshop Express so I could send some photos to Walgreens and I see thumbnails of my images from Revel in PSE but when I try to open one, I get an error that Photoshop Express cannot open this file. I dug around some before I found a message from Patti on the forums that says that PSE does not support Raw Files. Come on guys, I am a premium subscriber and I have Raw support in Revel and yet PSE which has more editing options won't support the files. I wanted to tweak some and upload to walgreens to print and it's easier to do it from PSE than to have to use the camera roll and then Walgreens app. I also wanted to upload some to to Flickr which PSE support and Revel used to support but no longer does. What is going on Adobe? Why are all the cloud products so fragmented? I'm starting to consider just storing images on my NAS and using other apps to accomplish the tasks from my iPad because your cloud services are not making this easier.