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    saved as jpeg...file not found and cannot reconnect


      I edited a photo in elelments 12. As I finished I saved it. I was trying to share it online and the file could not be read so I renamed it as a jpeg. Now when I open my organizer to view the photo it says the file cannot be found, even though I can see the picture in my organizer, and it asks me to reconnect the original edited file. However, that file cannot be found when I search for it. How can I convert it back to a psd file from a jpeg in my organizer. I tried to rename it again and it will not let me. I have about 5 pictures that are doing this. I finally realized to make a duplicate and rename that file, on the other pictures I have edited, however I really need to see the "lost" pictures in my organizer as well and it just pulls up a blurry photo and says "trying to reconnect lost file." There is a question mark in the top left corner of those files as well.