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    Zoom without out Changing Line Thickness?

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

      I am not sure whether this would a PremPro or AE thing, or even if it is doable.  I have a 5400 x 3600 still image on a 1080 timeline, that I want to zoom in to 100% pixel size, with a box outline surrounding the target area I want to zoom into.  This would be a sort of CSI ridiculous enhance, combined with Person of Interest box outline effects.


      What I can't work out is if I can zoom the box outline without the line thickness increasing.  Is there any sort of vector object option that would work?  Perhaps I can simply import vector objects in PSD layers - I haven't tried that.


      Once zoomed in to 100%, the object inside the box outline is going to be pixilated and none too sharp, so I want to cut to a higher res image with a sort of CSI Enhance effect.  The best option I can find so far is to use a Wipe > Random blocks with the Custom option set to a maximum 128,128.  Is there a better way of doing this?  I have a full CC subscription, but I am only truly proficient at Photoshop, and OK with PremPro, but I can probably work it out in AE if pointed in the right direction.