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    How do I tie a custom-component to a class?

    KarelBrascamp Level 1
      In flash there's this great way of seperating code from content: In the properties menu of a movieclip in your library, you can assign a class name to the movie. So something I very regularly do is:

      class MyMovieClip extends MovieClip{

      so I'd have all the code that manages my movies nicely tucked away in some .as files, no code in the fla. That's the way I like it.

      So I was wondering if you can do a similar thing in Flex. I most definitely don't want the code for my application in the .mxml file, I actually want to inherit the Application class. Similarly, I'd like to inherit the Canvas class, yet have the nice gui for dragging all the visuall elements in place. Is there a way?

      Regard, and thanks in advance,