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    Why can't merged clips be exported to XML?


      I merged my files from a double system shoot (with a Red camera and separate audio) - only to find that you can't then color correct outside of Premiere. I will grant I should have read the bottom of the merged file page which clearly states that you can't export an XML file with merged files but WHY?????????????? How do merged files benefit you if in the end you can't export to DaVinci for color correction? And from what I have found there are no work arounds. I tried to replace with original source video but the timecode of the merged file no longer matches that of the original source audio so I can't without resyncing and re-editing the whole thing - and our sound mixer has already done a significant amount of work on an OMF of the current project. And of course once I import that OMF and sync it to the video - I can't change the video because then I could have significant issues with the audio. I currently work in CS5.5 and would happily pay for an upgrade to Cloud if it solved this problem but from everything I have read it does not... it seems like a huge issue. I would rather not have the merged files function than have it lead me astray in this fashion.


      If anyone has found a solution let me know. Otherwise I was going to have the original source files color corrected by our colorist and link those to the project (luckily there aren't really internal clip issues and it's a short so it's only 28 clips total)?


      Any solutions greatly appreciated



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          jendean50 Level 1

          The above link doesn't solve the problem. I am sending the project to a colorist to color correct in DaVinci. They do not use Speedgrade. I do not use Speedgrade. So the fact that there is no functionality with another (extremely commonly used and popular I might add) color correction program once you have merged clips is a real problem. And I should at least be able to "unmerge" my clips so that I can create (or replace the merged clips with the original source video) and send an XML file but the fact that that also isn't possible is really frustrating.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            The above link doesn't solve the problem.


            I guess that depends on how you define the problem.  You're defining it as something quite specific - sending a merged clips edit to Resolve.  I'm taking a broader viewpoint - you're trying to color correct and grade your edit.


            From that viewpoint, it will solve the problem.  It may introduce a couple new problems, such as learning SpeedGrade, or finding someone who already knows how to use it.


            You'll have to decide which problems are easier to solve, I guess.  The original of getting your edit to Resolve, or the new one of using SpeedGrade.

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              jendean50 Level 1

              Ah yes -- well very holistic approach I suppose... but considering my question "how to export a project with merged clips to an XML file?" - this doesn't actually answer that question. It is a work around. But one that requires me to find and hire another colorist (and let's be honest a large portion of the post-production community works with Resolve) and I don't think I am being unreasonable for expecting Adobe to have considered the possibility of this work flow (editing a project in Premiere and then moving to a commonly used platform such as Davinci Resolve to color correct). Or yes I could learn SpeedGrade but if I had the time to color correct the project myself we wouldn't be hiring someone else to get the project completed in a timely manner... so yeah it's a work around that doesn't really work. I am hoping having the original source video color corrected will make it all work - and I will NEVER used the Merged Clip feature in Premiere ever again. And wish there was some way for me to warn others against falling victim to its charms as well.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                this doesn't actually answer that question.


                True, but I just don't know the answer to that question.  So, I default back to the underlying question behind all issues...how can I get the job done so I can get paid?


                SpeedGrade may not be the only way.  Someone else may have a way more suited to your liking.  I just happened to be the first one along, is all.