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    Flash, After Effects and Photoshop won't launch!!




      I've been a CC member for quite some time now, and recently I've had to re-install Windows 7 due to a major crash. Getting almost back to normal, I installed all the apps (above) which are required for my average day job. Only this time none of them will even launch, they don't show the splash screen anymore. Is there a fix for this?


      I'm running :-


      Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1)

      GTX 680 - driver v335.23



      I've signed out the CC panel, tried running but nothing happens. I saw another thread suggesting renaming OOBE, which I did and then I do get an error. I have also tried to uninstall the programs but I can't, it won't allow me as there are no un-install files in the folders.


      Please help, arghhhhhh