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    Color - Shine - background column of panels, contour line of tools and image area in Camera RAW

    Lidenbrook Level 1

      Is there any way to change - obscure - the brightness of the column trim panels and the outline of the image area in Camera Raw?.


      In ACR 8.4 can change the brightness of the background image area - as in Ps - but can not find how to do the rest, and the truth is that it is a problem, since the image is darker than actual because of the brightness of the surrounding areas. Ideally there would be neutral gray .....


      If you see an image in Bridge, having selected dark backgrounds for both the preview area and the various windows - thumbnails , metadata, folders , etc. - , as if we see in Ps with the same type of configuration (something Ps presents with dark background both in the area of image and layered windows , settings , menus, tools, etc ....) , we will see the picture clearer than in ACR , ie , if we develop a RAW file in ACR, especially if you have dark areas - eg night photographs - , end up leaving it more clear what is right, because of the contrast - glare - with the brightness of the area surrounding the image window , but I can not check until we go to Photoshop or return to Bridge. 


      So .... Is there any way to write the ACR window looking like Bridge or Photoshop ?. Is there a way to darken those areas (as there is in Bridge or Photoshop)? 

      If not, is something that developers should think about going ACR implemented with an update .....  


      (Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question ..... If not, I pray you tell me where to)  


      Thank you very much and kind regards