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    AMS play back stops once 30 ppl are watching





      I am posting this here and  the Adobe Forum service.



      I am streaming live/dvr with 5.0.4  using the m1.large ec2 server. I have streamed well with 100+ people watching at the same time for 72 hrs events.

      I have 14 live feeds each connected to a different aws cloudfront. All feeds exists on the 1 ec2 adobe server (livepkgr 1-14)

      My web code calls to an standard .swf strobe player on my server (that came with AMS,) through cloudfront also.





      My streams are viewed on my website through enbed code which  ask for .f4m and .m3u8 through amazon cloudfront code to reduce server calls.( as I thought this might help with any bandwidth issues since each cloudfront is suppose to be 27 extra cache servers?)  The problem I just ran into this weekend was, with the only difference being the .swf player was on adobe.com

      I was only using 1 live feed this time. Then, once 31 people were viewing on 1 cloudfront feed the strobe player would stop on the website.!!?? I would have to stop FMLE live feed  and restart each time. Then the feed would come back and again once 30+ viewers were watching, down again. And the feed was being shown on two separate websites. Both sites have unlimited bandwidth in terms of people who can log on to watch.

      I am only encoding at 400kbs. on 1 feed, through 1 cloudfront. My ec3 was only at 10% usage.

      30 ppl would be only 12 Mbps



      Can someone please help. What should be my best setup to get the most out of this size ec2 before have to move up to the larger servers.

      Seems as though I should be able to more than 30 people to watch at one time on a m1.large



      Thank you greatly.



      Extra note: I have used the c1. class ec2's and can get 150 viewers. The ec2 is 8x larger, but will I get this same problem when 240 viewers are watching?