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    repetitive registration required ID CS6



      Has any one of you had the following problem?

      I am in Belgium, if that has any impact on the reply.

      ID keeps requiring registration when I start the software.

      I could retype the license number but :

      1/ what a hassle

      2/ when I work from my camping car with no internet it will be to no avail

      I chatted twice with adobe's Indian support

      I have no intention to switch to ID CC.

      Once they solved it from their side (in October)

      Second time ( it started this funny procedure a week ago again), they told me to delete a cache file (in program files 86/ commonfiles/ adobe/ slcache)

      It worked for a week. It popped up again yesterday. I deleted the cache file.

      Today: it requires reg. nb again, but no cache file available...

      It took us half an hour to find this solution with Indian support

      I find preposterous to spend so much time on someone else's mistake.

      Can anyone please help from here?

      Thanks a lot!