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    Can someone help with some basic answers on Premiere Elements 12


      I have used Premiere Elements in the past (up to Premiere Elements 9) but only once per annum to edit the past year's video of my Grandchildren. The change now is that I am using a Panasonic HC-V520 and have been shooting in 1080 50p. Premiere Elements 9 doesn't support this format I believe.


      My questions are:


      1     Can Premiere Elements 12 import and edit this format?

      2     If the answer is yes to question 1, can I mix older footage from my old Sony Camcorder with this newer footage for edit in Premiere Elements?

      3     Can I then output to either a Blu Ray disc to play on my DVD Player or an ordinary DVD disc to play on an older DVD Player which is not blu ray compatible?

      4     Am I wasting my time in recording in 1080 50p and should I instead be recording new footage in a different format?


      Thanks for any help you can give me.