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    Reworking a legacy Project that has a .air generated application




      I am new to the Adobe SW solutions and have a few basic questions.



      The small company where I now work has a software team of 1, and that is now me.

      In 2011 a previous Developer here created a .air target application that was delivered to customers and is currently still in use.

      Some aspects of this application never worked properly and I have been tasked with fixing this.

      From my investigation it seems the problems are limited to incorrect queries on the database so hopefully it should not be so hard.

      The previous development was done on a personal Macbook so this is gone and I need to start new.

      I have imported the project into FB 4.7 and am in process of understanding what is there, the structure and how it has been developed.



      1. Is Flash Builder the correct tool to build a .air application?


      2. I have just started the trial with Flash Builder 4.7 Premium 64 bit. Assuming the answer to Qu1 is affirmative then the company will buy the license just I need to advise whether we need the standard or premium version and right now I dont know how to decide. What specifics should I be concentrating on when making my recommendation?


      3. When I develop with 64 bit FB can I generate an application for a 32 bit target machine?


      4. Could there an impact on the legacy application if the customer installed Adobe Air is updated to the current version?