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    Photoshop issue


      Since the latest update of PS and Bridge, I am haveing an issue with files. When I open a RAW image from bridge, it opens into the RAW conversion window, when I have adjusted the image and click the open image button it should then open into Photoshop, but instead it goes back into Bridge, can enyone explain why this is happening as its driving me up the wall. The version I am using is PS CC on a iMac running on the latest OS

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          There have been a few issues with Mavericks, but that's a new one on me. I run Windows 7 so might have missed the relevant threads though.   Do you have all the CC updates installed?  Can you relate this behaviour to anything like installation of a new plug-in or similar? 


          What happens when you use the Modifing keys from ACR?  Shift to open as Smart Object, and Opt to open as Copy?


          When these files close, does it produce the sidecar file, and does the date modified change for the RAW file?  If that is not happening, then is the folder locked, read only, or have another Permissions issue?  I think Permissions is one of the issues we've see with Mavericks, but there's be a Mac use along to help soon I'm sure.