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    Need help with cs5.5 render times

    ammar80 Level 1


      I recently installed After Effects cs5.5 on a brand new Mac Pro and I'm really dissapointed with the render times. I would love some help to improve my render times!


      I usually create compositions which are an hour, in full HD and with greenscreen (Keylight effect). My old computer took 2 hours to render and my new computer more then 7 hours!


      *edit : the renders I'm making are for broadcasting.


      information about my computer :


      New mac Pro (the black cylinder)

      - 3.5 Ghz 6-Core

      - 64 GB internal memory

      - AMD FirePro D700 6144MB


      Running the latest version of Mavericks.


      My settings in AE for Memory and Multiprocessing :


      RAM reserved for other applications : 3GB

      Multiprocessing is on

      RAM allocation is set at 3GB


      My composition settings :

      width : 1920

      height : 1080

      square pixels

      frame rate 25 (i live in Europe)


      Render settings :

      format : Quicktime (Animation. I also tried Photo-JPG, same result)

      audio ouput standard.


      I would be really greatful is someone could give me some advice. If more information is needed I'd love to give it.


      Thanks in advance,