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    min. pc configurations for editing


      I am sorry if it’s not  the right place for my problem, I didn’t  now where sholuld I write this.I would like to buy a new pc for 1080p video editing. My budge is maximum  850 bux.  I read a lot of the minimal suggested configurations, wich are about 1700 bux.  Please don’t say save more money and buy this. I would like to ask somebody who pro in editing and pc hardware,  recomend the best for 850. What will the weakness,how bad  the performance will?


      I would like to use premier pro cs6(if I am right newer versions require better hadware) not as a pro just for tought hobby. I am taking photos for 12 years and  I was shocked when I see my  pc is unable to edit the footage come out from my new dslr(60D) camera


      As I see the offline editing will be necessary im my case. I would like to edit sort clips for my friend’s band, some nature footage etc. I would like to do basic adjustments(contrast, colors…)and basic cutting effects, I don’t need special effects etc.


      In the case, impossible(I hope not) to edit with a 850 bux pc, wich is the minimum budge (please don’t tell 1700:) ?

      Thank you