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    Javascript high privileges with certification

    Julien Biau

      Hi all,


      I use javascript function in my PDF document that need high privileges to execute like global.setpersistent, etc ....

      I signe my PDF document with a globalsign certificate. But the first time a user want to execute high privileges function in my PDF,

      he needs to go in certificate details and add the option for high privileges function and that works for all the time.

      So my questions are :

      - is there a certificate with high privileges already enable that when a user want to execute high privileges function he haven't to go throught certificates details to enable it

      - if yes, who ? price ? conditions ?

      - if no, is there an easy why to activate high privileges function than go through certificate details (like question) ?

      - I have phone european support many times but they can't answer my questions, is here a usa support number that can help me ?


      Best regards


      Julien Biau

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          You would want to execute with high privileges without the user having to accept a certificate, because there is already a default high privilege certificate anyone can use? I really hope the answer is no... but perhaps I misunderstand.

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            Julien Biau Level 1

            No, you are right, that's what i want but i think like you that no one can give a certificate with the high privileges functin enable that's why my second question is : is there a simple way to ask the user like with a alertbox question to enable high privileges function thant go through the certifications options and etccc ?

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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You can't somehow bypass the process of having the user explicitly trust the certificate to allow for privileged JavaScript execution, if that's what you're asking. You could attempt to execute privileged code, and if an exception is thrown, alert the user that they need to add the certificate to their list of trusted certificates and allow privileged code.

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                IsakTen Level 4

                JavaScript high privileges are enabled not in a certificate itself, but in the Trusted Identities' entry for a certificate. Each user must trust this certificate for JavaScript high privileges independently. If you know users who need this particular certificate's trust, you can use Acrobat's (Pro only) Export Security Settings functionality. You can set up the trust (including high privilege JS) on one machine, export security settings (Trusted Identities only) and send the [appropriately named] acrobatsecurity settings file (e.g. by email) to the people who need this functionality. They can then (each individually) use Import Security Settings functionality (available in Reader and Acrobat) to import Trusted Identities from this acrobatsecurity settings file. For some people that might be easier than to teach them how to enable high privilege JS in the Trusted Identities dialog.