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    Catalogue Plugins

    MikeM Handy Level 1

      I've just started looking at additional plugins for Indesign for creating Catalogues.
      I'm needing a range of products to see which ones fit my needs best.


      EasyCatalog seems to have peoples affection, this seems like a great programme but before I pitch this to my boss, I would like to make sure this is the best choice.


      Does anyone know of any other plugins that might help me.



      Thanks in advance.



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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Plugins for catalogs? Why not use a nice template?

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            Doc, I think MikeM means plugins for importing data!


            MikeM, I have been using EasyCatalog for nearly a year and am very impressed. Quite steep learning curve, but that will be true of any system worth its salt. The company is just 2 guys, they are very helpful and responsive.


            I have some experience of Matrix, which I found over-complicated and over-priced. I have also built custom solutions using Filemaker and InData/InCatalog from EmSoftware.


            But EasyCatalog, with its ability to source data from text files or full ODBC databases (live link) is the way to go. Let me know if you want to know more - or watch the videos on their website. Website needs updating, but they're pretty busy developing and answering emails, which is more important!



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              Camst4 Level 1

              Hi Emma,


              I assume you're talking about EasyCatalogue by 65bit? Do you still use it today? Do you think it's worth the $1200 price tag now?



              Trying to source the latest and greatest at a reasonable price. Not sure what else is out there.