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    Speeding up Adobe on a Ramdisk


      Any suggestions how I can install my \Users\[username]\AppData\Local(and LocalLow, Roaming)\Adobe files onto a Ramdisk? To speed up a very large InDesign file (thousands of jpgs, links, and text-boxes) I installed InDesign and all my relevant files on an Ramdisk. Before installing, in Command Prompt I created junctions: >mklink /J c:\Users\PS\AppData\Local\Adobe r:[my ramdisk]\Users\PS\AppData\Local\Adobe, same for Local Low and Roaming. On installation of Adobe programs, user files are written to the ramdisk. My large InDesign file now processes perhaps twice as fast. Before I moved the user files to the ramdisk, with only the program itself and my files on the ramdisk, InDesign processed my file not much faster than it did on an SSD. However, I notice on Windows Resource Monitor that my c: drive is still taking hits, thus slowing me down by some (unknown) degree.  I'm guessing these hits occur when InDesign tries to access its Users files on c: drive and is redirected to the Users files on the ramdisk. Optimal solution would be an option on installation to choose the location of user files. Anyone know a workaround?