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    HyperLink / Label / Text OnClick Alert(Pop-Up Message)

    Magus069 Level 4

      Hi everyone, I'd like to know if someone knows if it is possible to have a messageBox or alert pop-up to show when someone gets to click on a hyperlink / label in Acrobat.


      I have a block of text, which I have to change its content when a choice has been made. When I'm changing its content i'm loading XML into its exData value. I am looking for a way to have a hyperlink / blue text to be able to click on it and have a alert message to be shown. I tried using the alert method of javascript in a script embeded in the exData, but no success...


      All I want to do is to be able to show a messageBox when a user clicks some blue text underlined..



      Anyone have an idea? There's gotta me somebody that already tried something like this..