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    EchoSign and logging in to Adobe Reader/Acrobat

    Jat ATS Adobe Employee

      Important Notice.


      When working in Adobe Reader or Acrobat, you need to sign in with an Adobe ID to upload, sign and send documents using EchoSign.


      If you already have an EchoSign account, and have been signing in with an EchoSign ID (the email address you registered when you originally created your EchoSign account), you need to take action now.

      • Stop using your EchoSign ID to login to Reader/Acrobat 
      • Start using your Adobe ID to login to Reader/Acrobat 
      • Don't have an Adobe ID? Create one now.


      Tip: Register your Adobe ID with the same email address you use with your existing EchoSign account so you can continue to access all your documents in EchoSign.