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    Loop expression makes clicking sound


      I just found something really weird while looping a comp. It seems to create a clicking sound that you can actually see in the waveform. The sound disappears when I change every audio layer in the 'Main export' comp to -48dB (all those layers seem to add up to this sound).


      Keyframing all the audio layers from -48dB to 0 over the time of 1 or 2 frames doesn't work.


      Does anyone know how I can get rid of this? 


      Screenshot 2014-04-28 15.58.46.png

      Screenshot 2014-04-28 16.18.07.png

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nothing wrong. You just miss how AE's temporal sampling is actually working in your equation. That aside, AE sucks at anything to do with audio and trying to do any such stuff will always be tricky. anyway, you need to adjust the timing in the pre-comp and possibly your time-remap values nad whatever expression you use. TherE's realyl nothing more to it.



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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            To add to Mylenium's wise advice, 1) don't use compressed audio in AE -- aiff or wav files are best -- and 2) export the audio separately as aiff or wav, re-import it and put it in the comp.


            Then try looping.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you need the audio to loop After Effects is the wrong program all the way along the line. After affects his frame-based, audio is sample based, and the two do not line up therefore audio will not loop correctly under normal circumstances.


              Build your audio loop in Audition and import as a separate track. That is the only reasonable solution.

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                RenéHuwaë Level 1

                Thanks Mylenium, Dave and Rick!


                I will render the audio separately, and loop the export.


                @Mylenium: changing the timing of the audio will bring the audio out of sync, right? So in that case that wouldn't really be an option for this specific project. Anyway, I'll look a little bit more into how the sampling works in After Effects, since I'm not an audio expert. Thanks again, very helpful feedback!