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    Can't import ditamap to Robohelp 11, error "no logs found"


      I've googled this question and found some input from 2012, but it doesn't resolve my problem.


      I'm trying to import some ditamaps into RoboHelp 11 from FrameMaker 12,  but if I choose the plain ditamap (as opposed to the FrameMaker ditamap) format, I get an error:


      Processing with DITA Open Toolkit failed. No Logs found.

      Check DITA Open Toolkit is installed and working.


      The DITA OT is installed and working because I can use it to generate output from Frame and on its own. Also, I changed the path in the processing options from the Frame DITA-OT path to the plain path (c:\ditaot on my computer). But neither path works.


      The old query on this subject (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4921792) suggests back-grading the DITA-OT to a seriously obsolete version or reinstalling the entire Technical Communications Suite. The first solution does not much appeal and I rather hope there has been a resolution since!


      As for the second, I have just taken out a monthly subscription to the TechComm Suite 5 and was not provided with a license number to reinstall it (on the same computer, over itself - it was previously installed as a trial version).


      The import of a FrameMaker ditamap works better, but I don't much like the way Frame outputs from DITA (for example the loss of hierarchy when I include a topichead rather than a topicref as a chapter title). I find overall that plain DITA-OT does a much better job at outputting correctly, but would like to be able to use RoboHelp functionality to manage the branding and styling.


      Has there been any movement on this since 2012?


      Thanks to anyone who can help.


      E. Roselli

      Cambridge Imaging Systems