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    XML/MathML to PDF

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      I have XML with MathML inside, and I want to generate PDF. I have imported XML in FrameMaker template and formatted the XML with EDD support. However, all my MathML coding appear as text instead of Equation. I want to render all inline MathML tags as Equation. I aware that I can create Equation through "Special->MathML Equation" menu, but this approach seems like I need to re-create all equations one by one. Please advise.

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          First you need to wrap the mathML inside an element.

          For ex:-

          <MathML><math overflow="scroll">


                <mover accent="true">













          in your EDD you need to define a new element MathML which is MathMlEquation you also need to add InitailObjectFormat.-> All Context Rule ->MathMlEquation With Style -> Anchored frame Style.

          Create an Anchor frame style with position as inline.

          Also make sure that your dtd support your new MathMl Element.

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            Sarankup Newcomer

            Hi Jite,


            Thanks. This is helpful. I have some difficult to set this. But, will it base-align the inline MathML equations as like as FM inbuilt equations? Because, the base-align in inline equations are the critical requirement in my automated project.

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              Jite Newcomer

              You need to manually set the baseline in the object style mentioned in the EDD currently. You can create three object style small , medium, large and adjust the Anchored frame style attribute  distance from baseline accordingly. (this will be negative in this case)

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                Sarankup Newcomer

                Hi Jite,


                Thanks. We do professional typography service wherein base-align needs to be 100% accurate and no negotiations applicable. Unfortunately, your suggestion would not work fit for our requirement. The purpose of FrameMaker for us is to expect the professional output in PDF.


                Thank you so much for helping on this.