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    Is there a setting where a text frame (border, color, etc) will be visible only when it has content?


      I use data merge a decent amount, often when I am quick prototyping decks of cards for games. (Talk about an awesome tool for quickly cranking out a hundred different cards). I was wondering if it possible to have a text frame style (say a 1pt solid black border, or a yellow background etc.) appear only when there is text inside that frame.


      For example the cards need to have different combinations of text on each one. The lower part of this particular card has 30 data field placeholders (15 text frames and 15 graphic frames) that are linked back to my .txt file with data merge. (In the first image below, all 30 data fields have data in them, the other images only have some data applied) The text frames hold the two letter code, the graphics frame is basically a .png of either a rectangle or oval which is on a layer behind the text frame.


      all_fields.png ex_02.png ex_03.png


      It would be awesome if a text frame border was only present when there was content in the text frame. That way I could eliminate all of the graphics frames in this particular case. Is this possible? I knid of don't want to ask this, but is it possible through scripting with some sort of conditional statement? (Iknow very little about scripting except that it exists to do certain tasks on a as needed basis)


      I'm using InDesign CC on Mac OSX 10.7.5