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    InDesign - file from other won't let me nudge


      I received a file from someone and I'm new to CS6 (and admittedly work in this program the least so excuse me if this is a stupid question) but I can't nudge anything where I want it - text boxes won't move on a few taps (nudges) but then will jump in leaps and bounds. The leading on a font won't allow me to change it to 12, 13, or 14, and then accepts 15 but it looks like 50? Some kind of setting is telling all these items to act this way - I've tried to hunt down text wrap and that doesn't seem to be it, I've tried to delete predefined "styles" and I've looked high and low for format" but can't find it.. GRRR please help, I don't want to rebuild (and even copying pasting this text into a clean document makes it act this way)!