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    Create short tutorials as symbols in composition or compositions in web site?


      I'm making a short tutorial (4 modules of about 5 screens each) with simple animations and minimal interactions (touch forward/back buttons and swipe right/left).


      The tutorial will be uploaded to PhoneGap for use on Android tablets.


      There will be a short header and footer with global navigation to each module and some ancillary content.


      I'm new to Animate and am trying to figure out if I should make each module a symbol and build the global navigation in Animate, or just put the modules in a Dreamweaver site as .oam files and make the navigation in Dreamweaver.


      What are common problems with symbols that have multiple touch triggers? They will be simple "play/reverse" functions except on the last screen of each module where the trigger will need to play the next module rather than the next screen in the current symbol.


      Any advice appreciated!