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    Need help with calculating based on checkbox result


      I am trying to create a membership application in which the new member would check a checkbox next to the type of investment category they are applying for (see chart below).  For this example, I will use Business & Higher Education.


      Once checked, the javascript would perform a calculation and add a total on the far right.  So, essentially, I'm trying to say:  If BHECheck (checkbox) is checked, add BHEBase (base rate of $340) + BHED (dollar amount of $6 per FTE) * NumberFTE (FTE total from first line on chart) which would be totaled in a field called BHETotal.  The calculation I've used is (BHEBase)+(BHED*NumberFTE).  If the box is not checked, I would like the total to be $0.  I have the checkbox export value set as 1.  I am new to javascripting and really have very, very little knowledge of it, so please keep that in mind when responding.  Thank you!