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    Will there ever be a version beyond 4.7 of Flash Builder?

    jmichas Level 1

      I'm sorry if this sounds snippy but I am primarily a flex developer on the front end and c# on the backend. I have been waiting patiently for adobe to put out some news about an update to flash builder but haven't heard anything in the last couple of years. The last thing was the flash "roadmap" and that only says that Adobe will continue to support flash builder.


      So, since there is no way to get in touch with anyone at adobe I'm posting here.




      I am currently faced with a decision whether to continue with flex at all and in the absence of any news from Adobe I may have to quit my creative cloud subscription and go with Xamarin. While more expensive it also provides much more native functionality than flex and it isn't perpetually a rev behind. I also can use visual studio for tooling so I won't be waiting for and putting up with the shortcomings of an IDE that is never updated.


      If Adobe cares to retain customers that are flex centric and not using flash pro to make games, they need to explain what the plan for the tool chain is. Otherwise guys like me who have been over a decade into flash platform will just leave.