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    Presenter 7.07 error. "Adobe Presenter is unable to publish this presentation...."




      I am getting the following error for only one presentation out of perhaps 200 that my team and I have published in the last 3 years. "Adobe Presenter is unable to publish this presentation. Please check that you have enough disk space and you have appropriate permissions for the destination folder.'


      1. Plenty of disk space

      2. Correct permissions

      3. Can publish other presentations in that same folder.

      4. Running Windows 7. As mentioned, have had no other problems with this for past and current presentation publication. Just this one file.

      5. We have copied and pasted from this file into a clean file. No avail.

      6. We have had two people try to publish it from different computers and have gotten the same error so it isn't a Windows profile issue.


      Anyone have any suggestions?