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    need help with checkbox javascript

    xx8josh9xx Level 1

      Looking to create a form where i have multiple items listed. So when "all" is check it will check all the boxes below it. When "All" is unchecked it will uncheck all of the items listed below. Note sure if this matters but, by defult i will have all items checked.










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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can use this code as the MouseUp action of the All field. Of course, adjust the fields' names if necessary:


          this.getField("CheckBoxA").checkThisBox(0, event.target.value!="Off");

          this.getField("CheckBoxB").checkThisBox(0, event.target.value!="Off");

          this.getField("CheckBoxC").checkThisBox(0, event.target.value!="Off");

          this.getField("CheckBoxD").checkThisBox(0, event.target.value!="Off");

          this.getField("CheckBoxE").checkThisBox(0, event.target.value!="Off");

          // etc.