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    How do I prevent or override webkit-transform on symbol?




      I am trying to create a sticky nav with this method:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/6332905#6332905


      It works great on a rectangle.  However, when I apply the same method to my navigation symbol (with several elements inside of it), this line is automatically injected into the css:

      webkit-transform: translate(941px, 265px) translateZ(0px) rotate(0deg) scale(1, 1);


      If I deselect that line in chrome's inspector, the navigation is both visible and acts as expected. 


      How do I either prevent or override the web-transform? 


      I tried this:

      sym.$("sym_globalNavTabs").css({"position":"fixed","top":"80px", "left":right+"px", "-webkit-transform":"none", "transform":"none"}).appendTo($("body"));

      But it doesn't work.