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    Jpegs saved in Photoshop appear darker in SOME programs/websites - how do I fix this?


      This started happening earlier this year all of a sudden with my Photoshop 7. After trying in vain to fix it last night from reading many many other message board posts people have made regarding this issue I gave up and downloaded the newest Photoshop Trial. It still happens argh. Now I know well meaning intelligent types are going to say to me it's to do with colour settings or colour management profiles or something like that but please realise whilst I know where these things are to change them and understand roughly what they involve, I don't know specifically why they are causing the problem and therefore exactly which settings I should have to solve it. This seems to be the information missing from everything I've read on the other forums, message boards, discussions etc.


      I first discovered jpegs being saved darker when saving anything with a white background. When put up against other white backgrounds, they appeared slightly darker and you could see the outline. Now when I edit photographs and view them in some places outwith photoshop I definitely see the difference. But it can't be my monitor - because it doesn't happen everywhere! I've attached a screenshot for you to see.



      From left to right: editing a post in blogger (the images appear just as dark in the published posts), viewing the image on Facebook, the jpeg in photoshop.

      So some places online see it darker and others don't. They seem fine and stay appearing just as light as they are in photoshop when viewed in windows viewers, or seen in thumbnail form in the windows explorer thing.


      From the tidbits I've read I'm assuming this may have something to do with how facebook and blogger colour manage things differently? But I'm not sure if that's right. What I just want to know is how can I save my jpegs giant and small from photoshop so that they look the same in all programs on my pc and in every website I use online? I've tried fiddling with settings but to no avail.


      Here's the current setup of my colours in photoshop:



      Please can someone explain why some things look okay and others don't and exactly how to sort it? Don't just send me to a link that teaches me about colour profiles and triangles or monitor calibration

      Thankyou in advance!!

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Don't change the default color settings unless you know what you're doing. You're just messing everything up.


          Set RGB color management policies back to "preserve embedded profiles". That's half of your problem.


          While you're at it, set the RGB working space back to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Not Monitor Color. Yes, the profiles are the same in this case, but the principle is important.


          Convert everything to sRGB before posting on the web. That's the other half.

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            catandnanook Level 1

            Thanks for replying.


            I've set it back to sRGB (the plain one not the monitor sRGB option) and all the preserve embedded profiles are chosen. Essentially the default once more.


            Now by convert everything to sRGB before posting on the web did you mean the option under Edit which is Convert to Profile? Because I tried this then saved it and it's still dark. If this wasn't what you meant, sorry if I'm being dim, where is the convert part you mentioned?



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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              A lot of people panic when they see Photoshop displaying differently from other software. But that's normal and expected. Here's what happens:


              1. Photoshop is color managed and performs a document profile > monitor profile conversion when it displays. So whatever the document profile is, Photoshop will display correctly - unless you have CM policies set to "off" (...!)


              2. Other applications, including many web browsers, aren't color managed and will just send the file numbers directly to the display. This distinction is extremely important, because there will be a slight difference. Again, that's normal. Photoshop is right and the other apps are wrong.


              3. Without color management, it all hangs on how your monitor displays color. Most monitors are so close to sRGB that any sRGB file will display roughly correctly. This is why sRGB is the de facto web standard: it can live without color management. And that's why you should always convert web material to sRGB. Yes, that's the Edit > Convert to Profile option. You can also use Save For Web to do this if you check the appropriate boxes.