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    'Open a File' dialog box doesn't show 'Favorites'

    Didi_Hirsch Level 1

      InDesign CS6, Windows 7:


      File/Open gives me this:


      open cs6.JPG


      Notice there are no 'Favorites' on the left.  I have to 'browse' for my file each time.  I have a ton of files on the network, and it takes several clicks to get to them.  Annoying when I'm opening several files a day.  The 'Recent Places' isn't too helpful here either.


      Now look at what happens in InDesign CC, Windows 7 with a File/Open:


      open cc.JPG


      Look at all the 'Favorites' and easy browsing on the left side.  Why are the 'Open a File' dialog boxes so different in CS6 and CC?  I want the CS6 'Open' dialog to be just like the CC one.  (I prefer to use CS6, CC is buggy on my system.)