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    Edge Animate 3.0 with trembling stage!


      Hello I have a problem in Edge Animate 3.0 the current version, the interface stage is unstable and is shaky, as I explain in detail the problem? good'll try to be thorough!



      By moving the stage with the mouse scrol is shaky, to select with the mouse the translucent selection is shaky and the worst is when using grills on stage is all trembling is a bug because I'm sure after seeing this behavior I uninstalled and installed the version 2.0 and she's running standard.



      I am using Windows 8.1 update 1. Believe it is not Firewall or something because the Edge 2.0 is working without this problem, seems to be a bug in Edge 3.0, can anyone help me? I've formatted and the problem does not go away.


      Captura de Tela (4).png

      Captura de Tela (33).png


      Note that in this picture I was moving the mouse cursor flickers and the picture came out very bad and unstable is working well! thought it was normal behavior is not bad for the Edge 2.0 does not behave like that!