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    Missing character glyphs in Photoshop.

    dsienko Level 1

      I'm running into problems in the majority of ADOBE software where specialized Unicode glphys do not appear.   The only application that works perfectly is Muse.   InDesign worked perfectly as well until CC.    It's very frustrating.     It's a custom Unicode font for a native american Language and Adobe  is cuasing us grief!      Most of the modified letters appear no problems like the raised x "ᶻ"   (U+1DBB)    and the raised w "ʷ" (U+2B7).     But the combining directics U+030C  x̌ (The wedge above the x),  U+0313 combining comma above y̓ (above y ),  and U+0315 combining comma above right  t̕  (above t ).     This is a true type font.   Anyone is free to download the font and the keyboard at www.TulalipLushootseed.com.     I'm working on updating the website.