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    Edge Animate CC ( issues




      I recently updated to Edge Animate CC ( and I am now face several issues.


      First, several of my projects are no longer working. Some of my symbols' values have been altered to extreme low values (-7000 something for both width and height as well as x, y coordinates). When I try to correct them I get this error message:


      "An error has occurred. Please save you work and restart Adobe Edge Animate."


      Second, and more importantly, I recreated a project in its entirety to work around this, uploaded it to my site, and now certain elements on the page have 1 of 2 problems:


      1. The z-index order changes when the window size hits a certain browser width. This causes content to be hidden or obscured.
      2. Certain visible elements are now invisible. I’m guessing this related to opacity settings, but it not on all elements that use this property, only a select handful. The oddest thing about this one is that it is only when look at the published site online. When I preview it locally, or loaded the published content locally, it loads correctly.


      I would greatly appreciate a prompt answer to my question as I am under to gun to complete my project.


      Thank you!