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    Does any version of After Effects support NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card?




      I have just noticed that After Effects CC is not detecting my Nvidia (Optimus) GT 540M graphics card in my PC laptop and is only detecting the default Intel graphics processor, which doesn't support OpenGL. I need OpenGL to run Element 3D and the GT 540M should work in theory.


      I've worked with a Nvidia technician trying old drivers and new drivers but nothing works. And I see that this GT 540M graphics card is not listed as a AE CC supported card on Adobe's site, so could anyone suggest what's happening here?


      This GT 540M graphics card driver has a compatibility problem with After Effects?

      The card just isn't compatible with AE at all  ?

      Or Nvidia Optimus technology isn't taking over the graphics processing properly when AE launches ? (Though the Nvidia technician guided me through set up of these settings as well....though he had no answer in the end to why it still doesn't work.)


      Online I have read that several years ago this Nvidia Optimus technology gave gamers trouble with things like activating when it was supposed to. This is not a hot topic now I guess but I need to solve this hitch or if it can't be done, move on and buy a new laptop. (Or use an older version of AE..?)



      If anyone has any solutions, advice, tips or ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it.


      Thanks in advance,