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    Free Transform Tool

    TheDarkJoe Level 1

      I'm using the free transform tool on a rectangle to make it smaller. My problem is both sides close in and I only want one side to close in. Is there something I can un-check somewhere to do this? It isn't a big issue if I cant do it but I'm curious just in case I need it later.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The default behavior of a rectangular shape would be to move/resize only the side(s) that you are dragging.  Have you converted this rectangle to a symbol?  If so, that little white dot in the center of it is likely to dictate how it behaves on a resize.  if you move that dot to the registration point, or to the side you do not want to have move, then it might behave more to your liking.  I can honestly say I don't know what that dot is called or why it's around.

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            Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

            One way is to move the Transformation point(white circle) to the Edge/Vertex you do not wish to move while resizing the shape, as Ned describes above.

            Other way is to simply hold down Alt key while transforming your shape.



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              yes, it seems that Flash CC transform tool behavior is different from all previous versions.

              The new behavior uses the Transformation point, which makes some sense in most cases.

              It's of course very tedious to move manually this point to one side or another (moreover it seems that there is no natural snapping).


              At first sight it seems that Adobe broke a valid and useful feature,... but finally I found this:


              • If you want one side of the bounding rectangle to remain fixed, use ALT key.
              • With pure drawing shapes, using CTRL key offers even more control (+ skew)